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The main goal of AnT-ERA was to facilitate the science of primarily, climate-change-induced, biological processes, from the molecular to the ecosystem level, in Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems.

For details see pdf the Implementation Plan (327 KB) , which includes the list of SC members.

pdf AnT-ERA Final Report (477 KB)

This includes details on achievements, activities, key papers, funding balance and other products.

Summary Video

A short video on the aims and achievements of the AnT-ERA SRP, presented during the SCAR 2020 Online conference.

Key Achievements and Legacy

AnT-ERA initiated and supported scientific communication, training and brain storming among scientists of all stages of career, representing a high diversity of topics and nationality.

The final AnT-ERA synthesis workshop, held in Coimbra in 2019, on Biological Processes in Antarctic Ecosystems, aimed to assemble and structure the main scientific findings within the scope of AnT-ERA of the past decade. It resulted in a publication in Biological Reviews, written not only for scientists but also for decision makers and other stakeholders.

A highlight in training the young generation of biologists on Antarctic and Southern Ocean ecology was the spring course on Biological Processes in Antarctic Ecosystems in Buenos Aires (Argentina), 24 -28 September 2018, in which forty-four graduate, PhD students and post-docs from ten countries participated. More information can be found in the pdf Spring Course summaries document (167 KB) .

Main brain storming events were the cross-programme workshop on Interactions between Biological and Environmental Processes held 16-18 September 2015 in Barcelona (Spain), and the outlook workshop held 2-3 October 2014 in Napoli (Italy) on Molecular and genetic advances to understanding evolution and biodiversity in the polar regions, which linked the previous SRP EBA (Evolution and Biodiversity in the Antarctic) and AnT-ERA.

A post-expedition workshop (Polarstern 81) was organized by AnT-ERA and held 8 -12 September 2014 in Dijon, France, which resulted in a special volume of Polar Biology.

Linking Science and Stakeholders

AnT-ERA contributed its own actions and products to a broad variety of initiatives, linking scientific knowledge and science management, the public and policy:

Reports and Documents

AnT-ERA's reports to SCAR Delegates and Executive Committee meetings can be found through the folder SCAR Meeting Papers folder. Use the Library Search facility to filter using the tag "AnT-ERA".

Other documents can be found in the folder AnT-ERA folder of the SCAR Library.