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Integrated Science to Inform Antarctic and Southern Ocean Conservation (Ant-ICON)


The Chief Officers of Ant-ICON are This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Steering Committee

Role Name and Email Affiliation Country
Chief Officer Mercedes (Mecha) Santos Administración de Parques Nacionales Argentina
Chief Officer Aleks Terauds Australian Antarctic Division Australia
Deputy Chief Officer Bettine van Vuuren University of Johannesburg South Africa
Deputy Chief Officer Alvaro Soutullo Universidad de la Republica Uruguay
Theme R1 Lead Heather Lynch Stonybrook University USA
Theme R1 Lead Antonio Quesada Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Spain
Theme R1 EMCR Jilda Caccavo Alfred Wegener Institute Germany
Theme R2 Lead Kevin Hughes British Antarctic Survey UK
Theme R2 Lead Andy Lowther Norwegian Polar Institute Norway
Theme R2 EMCR Jasmine Lee Monash University Australia
Theme R3 Lead Daniela Liggett University of Canterbury New Zealand
Theme R3 Lead Adrian Howkins University of Bristol UK
Theme R3 EMCR Steve Chignell University of British Columbia Canada
Theme S1 Lead Hyoung Chul Shin Korea Polar Research Institute South Korea
Theme S1 Lead Neil Gilbert NZ Antarctic Science Platform New Zealand
Theme S1 EMCR Natasha Gardiner University of Canterbury New Zealand



Members of the Ant-ICON Programme Planning Group

Name Country Discipline / focus
Aleks Terauds - Chief Officer Australia Quantitative ecology
Alvaro Soutullo Uruguay Marine / Terrestrial ecology
Andres Barbosa Spain Marine / terrestrial ecophysiology
Andrew Lowther Norway Marine ecology
Annick Wilmotte Belgium Terrestrial ecology
Anton van de Putte Belgium Data (SCADM, biodiversity.aq)
Antonio Quesada Spain Terrestrial ecology
Bettine van Vuuren South Africa Terrestrial Ecology
Cassandra Brooks USA Marine ecology and policy
Cath Waller United Kingdom Intertidal / nearshore ecology
Charlène Guillaumot * Belgium/France Marine ecology
Charlotte Havermans * Germany Marine ecology
Christina Braun * Germany Terrestrial ecology
Conxita Àvila Spain Marine ecology
Craig Cary New Zealand Terrestrial ecology
Daniela Liggett New Zealand Social sciences and humanities
Diana Wall USA Terrestrial ecology
Elle Leane Australia Social sciences and humanities
Fraser Morgan New Zealand Terrestrial ecology
Gabriela Mataloni Argentina Terrestrial ecology
George Watters USA Fisheries
Greta Vega * Spain Quantitative ecology
Heather Lynch USA Quantitative ecology
HyoungChul Shin South Korea Biological oceanography
Huw Griffiths United Kingdom Marine ecology
Jasmine Lee * Australia Terrestrial ecology
Jeronimo Lopez-Martinez Spain Geology
Juan Salazar Australia Social sciences and humanities
Justine Shaw Australia Terrestrial ecology
Kevin Hughes United Kingdom Terrestrial ecology and policy
Luis Pertierra * Spain Terrestrial ecology
Luis Valentin Ferrada Chile Antarctic policy / International Law
Luiz Rosa Brazil Microbiology
Manuela Bassoi Brazil Marine ecology
Marcelo Reguero Argentina Earth sciences
Mecha Santos - Chief Officer Argentina Marine ecology
Megumu Tsujimoto * Japan Terrestrial ecology
Nadine Johnston United Kingdom Marine ecology
Neil Gilbert New Zealand Antarctic policy
Pete Convey United Kingdom Terrestrial ecology
Phillipe Koubbi France Marine ecology
Prabir G Dastidar India Behaviour / network analysis
Rowan Trebilco * Australia Marine ecology
Ryan Reisinger * South Africa Marine ecology
Sergey Kakareka Belarus Terrestrial ecology and human impacts
Stefano Schiaparelli Italy Marine biodiversity and ecology
Thomas Saucede France Marine ecology
Tom Bracegirdle United Kingdom Physical sciences
Yan Ropert-Coudert France Marine ecology

 * denotes early/mid-career researcher


Member Directory


Jilda Caccavo webJilda Caccavo Steve Chignell webStephen Chignell    



Natasha Gardiner webNatasha Gardiner 0 logo webNeil Gilbert    



Adrian Howkins webAdrian Howkins Kevin Hughes webKevin A. Hughes    



Jasmine Lee webJasmine Lee Daniela Liggett webDaniela Liggett Andy Lowther webAndy Lowther Heather Lynch webHeather Lynch



0 logo webAntonio Quesada      



Mercedes Santos webMercedes Santos 0 logo webHyoung Chul Shin Alvaro Soutullo webAlvaro Soutullo  



Aleks Terauds webAleks Terauds      



Bettine van Vuuren webBettine van Vuuren