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ANtarctic Gravity Wave Instrument Network (ANGWIN)

The importance of gravity wave activity over Antarctica and its contribution to global circulation is well known, although there is a lack of comprehensive observations in this region. Gravity wave activity over Antarctica needs to be studied in a joined up fashion, continent wide and through all levels of the atmosphere in order to fully understand their impact and to constrain modelling work. By combining our resources through broad collaboration, and standardizing our analysis techniques we can achieve this.

The primary objectives of the network will be to:

  • Quantify the longitudinal variation in gravity wave activity from the lower atmosphere into the mesosphere and lower thermosphere above Antarctica, and determine causes.
  • Characterise the propagation and dynamical influence of mountain waves on stratosphere and MLT dynamics.
  • Relate gravity waves observed in the stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere to sources such as storms in the Drake’s Passage and Southern Ocean, auroral activity or the polar vortex.
  • Study the interaction of gravity waves with global scale waves and their contribution to the polar vortex dynamical and thermal structure.
  • Compare observed polar gravity wave characteristics to parameterized gravity waves in climate models.
  • Determine the potential effects of Antarctic gravity waves on processes such as polar stratospheric cloud formation.