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Past Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics (PAIS)


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pdf Sea Riser Modelling of combination Glass Reinforced Epoxy and Steel tubing for Offshore Drilling in Antarctica (30 downloads) Download (pdf, 1.40 MB)
pdf PAIS Strategic White Paper on Future Research Directions (41 downloads) Download (pdf, 556 KB)
pdf Sailing through Changing Oceans: Ocean and Polar Life and Environmental Sciences on a Warming Planet (62 downloads) Download (pdf, 5.59 MB)
pdf PAIS 5th Polar Marine Diatom Workshop (207 downloads) Download (pdf, 255 KB)
pdf Paleoclimate Records from the Antarctic Margin and Southern Ocean (PRAMSO) Workshop 2014 (218 downloads) Download (pdf, 183 KB)
pdf PAIS MOCA Grenoble Data Model Workshop Report 2014 (191 downloads) Download (pdf, 41 KB)
pdf IODP-751Full (Ross Sea) Proposal Revision Workshop 2013 (218 downloads) Download (pdf, 118 KB)
pdf Past Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics External Performance Review Report 2015 (267 downloads) Download (pdf, 181 KB)
pdf Past Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics (PAIS) Implementation Plan 2013 (246 downloads) Download (pdf, 274 KB)
pdf Past Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics (PAIS) Scientific Research Project Proposal 2013 (254 downloads) Download (pdf, 3.18 MB)
pdf Antarctic and Southern Ocean Future Drilling Workshop 2012 (272 downloads) Download (pdf, 705 KB)
pdf Invest White Paper: Proposal for Future Antarctic Margin Paleoclimate Scientific Drilling under the IODP 2009 (248 downloads) Download (pdf, 603 KB)