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Near-term Variability and Prediction of the Antarctic Climate System (AntClimNow)

AntClimNow logoAntClimnow (Near-term Variability and Prediction of the Antarctic Climate System) is one of SCAR's new flagship Scientific Research Programmes (SRPs). 

AntClimnow aims to answer fundamental science questions (as identified by the SCAR Horizon Scan), relating to Antarctic climate variability. The programme aims to take a regional approach to observing and modelling the Antarctic environment, but taking an integrated approach that will consider the Antarctic as a whole.

The SRP will investigate prediction of near-term conditions in the Antarctic climate system on timescales of years to decades. These time scales are highly relevant across multiple disciplines and to a range of key stakeholders, whilst aligning strongly with scientific priorities identified as part of the SCAR Horizon Scan. Membership of the group is from a range of countries, representing the physical sciences and biological sciences. The breadth of expertise comprises atmosphere, ocean, ice, chemistry and biology.

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AntclimNow monthly science talks

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 Date Presenter  Title 
 21 Mar 2023 02:00 UTC  Dr Pranab Deb  Summer air temperature extremes and surface melting over Antarctic ice shelves: the role of tropical teleconnection
 18 Apr 2023 15:00 UTC  Dr Alessandro Silvano  Impact of tropical Pacific forcing on ice shelf melting and bottom water formation in Antarctica
 16 May 2023 04:00 UTC  Dr Will Hobbs  Evidence of increased Antarctic sea ice variability
 20 June 2023 15:00 UTC  Dr Jonathan Wille  The extraordinary March 2022 East Antarctica “heat” wave
25 July 2023 15:00 UTC  Prof Ed Blanchard-Wrigglesworth  The Antarctic heatwave of March 2022 - characteristics and attribution
19th September 2023 02:00 UTC Dr Earle Wilson Drivers of abrupt surface warming across the Southern Ocean
17th October 2023 15:00 UTC Dr Nicolaj Hansen The cloud-phase importance when assessing an offline firn model over Ross Ice Shelf
21st November 2023 03:00 UTC Dr Tessa Vance and Danielle Udy Where is SAM in East Antarctica? Synoptic weather influence on the preservation of SAM variability in coastal East Antarctic ice cores

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