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Geological Heritage and Geo-conservation

Mount Flora is a mountain located in the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula with enormous scientific, geo-historical, educational and touristic value, mainly due to the early Jurassic plant fossils found on its slopes. Since it is an iconic element of Antarctica's geological and historical heritage, Mount Flora has been protected under the Antarctic Special Protected Area N°148 “Mount Flora”. Nevertheless, the importance of Mount Flora and the need for its geoconservation was not widely known, making it vulnerable to the non-authorized collection of fossils and consequently, site degradation.

In order to reverse this situation, in 2019 the Instituto Antártico Argentino created an educational collection of Antarctic fossils and rocks, located at the Esperanza Station Museum. Its main purpose is to increase the visibility of Mount Flora and its fossils to tourists and station staff. The collection specimens can be manipulated and photographed while following a protocol that guarantees their preservation.  In addition, the station holds school activities related to Mount Flora every year and educates the staff in geoconservation.

For more information, feel free to download the copy of the Mount Flora banner on exhibition in the Esperanza Station Museum.

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