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General Information

We understand that travel funding is often one of the main limitations for people to attending conferences. Unfortunately, SCAR does not have specific funds set aside to help support travel/registration for SCAR conferences and symposia.  The vast majority of SCAR funds are allocated to its groups to support their activities. Some of these groups use parts of their budgets to support travel/registration costs for people participating in their group business meetings held at SCAR conferences and/or to help encourage new participants to join their efforts.  If you are part of a SCAR group, you may wish to contact the group chair to see if they are planning to award any funds for this purpose. However, please keep in mind that these groups have small budgets ($1000-5000 USD), so large amounts of support for individuals is not possible.  If funds do become available, announcements will be made through the SCAR group email list or posted on the SCAR website.

In addition, from time to time, national funding calls are coordinated to support participation in SCAR events. You may want to contact the SCAR Delegate and/or your SCAR National Committee contact to see if there are specific funds to support attendance of participants from your country at SCAR's conferences and symposia. You can find the contact information for SCAR Delegates, National Committees, and Group Leaders under the About Us/Leadership section of the SCAR website.

Further, APECS has put together a helpful resource on finding travel funding, "Tips for Finding Funding", which may be of interest to you.