SCAR Development Council

The SCAR Strategic Plan 2011-2016 called for the formation of a committee to identify sources of external funds and develop a strategy to diversify SCAR’s financial resources beyond membership fees. The council also acts as an 'umbrella' for SCAR funding proposals.

The council is currently considering:

  1. Future membership of the Development Council - how best to extend the core membership;
  2. Promotional Materials - development of new materials such as a new SCAR brochure;
  3. High Likelihood Targets for Fund Raising – main targets for fund raising such as SCAR Capacity Building activities, horizon scanning efforts, climate change communications, conservation efforts etc.;
  4. Partnerships - recognition that fundraising partnerships with other organisations should be pursued when beneficial to all organisations.

The Development Council helped to create a SCAR Brochure in 2014. Download it here.


Other links and background documents: