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Tropical Antarctic Teleconnections (TATE)

The Action Group on Tropical Antarctic Teleconnections (TATE) aims to examine climate processes linking the Tropics to Antarctica.

There are very distinct connections between tropical and Antarctic climates, particularly over the South Pacific and South Atlantic with the West Antarctic/Antarctic Peninsula regions, but these are not fully explored. For example, atmospheric wavetrains show spatial and temporal (seasonal, interannual) variations in both regions.

All these wave variations have important roles in the tropical-Antarctic relationships including, for example, the one between climate and sea ice extent. Coupling of tropical forcing with the Southern Annular Mode (SAM) also impacts the weather and climate throughout the Southern Hemisphere. For example, extreme weather events in subtropical South America result from interactions between the tropical and Antarctic regions.  TATE aims to improve our understanding of the mechanisms of tropical-Antarctic teleconnections.

The Action Group on Tropical Antarctic Teleconnections (TATE AG) is distinct from and complementary to the former Scientific Research Programm AntClim21 and the current SRP AntClimNow, in that it is concerned with the processes linking the tropics to Antarctica which are not well understood yet are key to the future trajectory of Antarctic climate.