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Some groups report directly to the SCAR Executive Committee, rather than being sponsored by one of the main disciplinary Science Groups or Standing Committees. Groups falling into this category currently are:


AAA Project AAA Z.Shang telescope fieldworkAstronomy & Astrophysics from Antarctica (AAA) Expert Group

This was a Scientific Research Programme until 2018, when it became an Expert Group directly under the Executive Committee.  It aims to coordinate astronomical activities in Antarctica in a way that ensures the best possible outcomes from international investment in Antarctic astronomy, and maximizes the opportunities for productive interaction with other disciplines.


BEDMAP3 Project graphicBedmap3 Action Group (Topographical model of Antarctica)

Bedmap3 is a collaborative community project with the aim of producing a new map and datasets of Antarctic ice thickness and bed topography for the international glaciology and geophysical community. Additionally Bedmap3 with act as a repository and portal for standardized RES data for the glaciology and Geophysics community.