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Geological Heritage and Geo-conservation

Publications, Data and Links of interest to the Antarctic Geological Heritage and Geoconservation Community

+ Publications

Geoconservation reports:

Hughes, K. A., López-Martínez, J., Francis, J. E., Crame, J. A., Carcavilla, L., Shiraishi, K., Hokada, T., and Yamaguchi, A. 2016. Antarctic geoconservation: a review of current systems and practices. Environmental Conservation. DOI:

+ Data

Data from the group on Geoconservation will be added as they become available.

+ Links

Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (2005) Guidelines for Environmental Assessment in Antarctica.


Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetingy (2000) Guidelines for implementation of the Framework for Protected Areas set forth in Article 3, Annex V of the Environmental Protocol.


Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (2011) Antarctic Specially Protected Area visitor report form (Appendix 2 of the Guide to the preparation of management plans for Antarctic Specially Protected Areas).



UK, Argentina, Australia & Spain (2014) The Antarctic Protected Area system: protection of outstanding geological features. Working Paper 35. Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting XXXVII, Brasilia, Brazil, 28 April–7 May 2014.