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State of the Antarctic Ecosystem (AntECO)


The Chief Officers of AntEco are This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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The AntEco Executive is comprised of the joint Chief Officers (Jan Strugnell and Huw Griffiths), joint Deputy Chief Officers (Don Cowan and Pete Convey), Secretary (Anton Van de Putte)  and the research sector leaders (Alison Murray, Dominic Hodgson and Annick Wilmotte). The remainder of the Steering Group is comprised of leading researchers that, together, represent a broad range of countries and disciplines (see below for a complete list).

Steering Group members:

Name Affiliation Country Main field of interest
Aleks Terauds AAD AUS Terrestrial ecology
Don  Cowan U. Pretoria RSA Terrestrial microbial ecology
Pete Convey BAS UK General biology
Angelika Brandt Senckenberg Museum DE Marine biology
Alison Murray DRI USA Marine microbiology
Annick Wilmotte U. Liège BEL Microbiology, human impacts
Craig Cary U. Waikato NZ Terrestrial microbiology
Guido di Prisco U. Naples IT Marine biology
Jan Strugnell James Cook University AUS Marine biology
Claudio Gonzales-Wevar U. Chile CHI  Marine biology
Dom Hodgson BAS UK Terrestrial paleoreconstr.
Huw Griffiths BAS UK Marine biology
Anton van de Putte RBINS BEL Marine biology
Stefano Schiaparelli U. Genoa IT Marine ecology
Mary-Ann Lea IMAS, U Tas AUS Marine ecology
Conxita Avila U. Barcelona ESP Marine biology
Andres Barbosa Alcon MNCN ESP Marine biology
Lucas Ruberto Instituto de Nanobiotecnología ARG Terrestrial microbiology
Satoshi Imura NIPR JPN Terrestrial and lacustrine biology
Julian Gutt A. W. Inst. DE Linkage with Ant-ERA