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Action Group on Resilience and the Future of Science-based Decision-making (PoLSciNex)

Fernandoy puzzling chinstrapsThe PoLSciNex Action Group of SC-HASS is to convene special sessions at the 12th Polar Law Symposium to be held in Hobart, Tasmania, 1-4 December 2019. Please see a dedicated website for these sessions with extended abstracts.

In addition, the Action Group encourages all interested to submit abstracts for a session entitled “Connecting legal and policy needs with Antarctic research (including related technologies and logistics)" at the 2020 SCAR Open Science Conference to be held in Hobart, Tasmania, 31 July - 11 August 2020. This session will be led by Akiho Shibata and co-convened by Indi Hodgson-Johnston (University of Tasmania), Kevin Hughes (British Antarctic Survey) and Daniela Liggett (University of Canterbury). A call for abstracts will go out in October 2019 and will close at the end of February 2020.