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Action Group on Resilience and the Future of Science-based Decision-making (PoLSciNex)

2021 SC HASS Conference flyer extract webThe PoLSciNex Action Group is recruiting a small number of fellows who can:

  1. Plan, organize and execute a focused panel/seminar on the theme, in close consultation with Professor Akiho Shibata, one of the co-leads of the Action Group;
  2. Convene a live seminar, preferably in-person (with a possibility of some presenters participating online) during the SC-HASS Conference in Kobe, Japan; and
  3. Prepare, collect and edit papers and reports from the seminar for potential publication in The Polar Journal or another high-impact journal.

The fellowship covers full travel and accommodation expenses (most economical tickets and accommodation reserved and purchased by the designated travel agency) and/or research grants amounting up to JPY 250,000 per person upon successful publication of related papers in a journal (under the contract with Prof. Shibata and in accordance with the Kobe University financial rules). There is a section for this purpose in the abstract submission portal.

Details of the fellowship will be provided after pre-selection of candidates in August based on the abstract and the explanation.

Full details of the SC-HASS conference are available on the Conference website.