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Action Group on Resilience and the Future of Science-based Decision-making (PoLSciNex)

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The 13th Polar Law Symposium will be held virtually in November as a Special Online Session.

Starting from Monday 9 November, the Symposium will hold several live seminars on Antarctic legal and policy research presentations, one of which is co-organised by the Action Group on PoLSciNex of SC-HASS. Please first register for the Symposium, glance through the program, and, from 1 November, pre-register for individual live events. Registration is FREE! See the Polar Law Symposium website for full details.

Details of Interactive Seminars:

Wednesday 11 November - Antarctic policy-science interface: A way forward   
Speakers: Ewan McIvor, Kevin Hughes, Neil Gilbert
This seminar is co-organized by SCAR SC-HASS Action Group on PoLSciNex
See the Flyer for more details

Tuesday 17 November - Polar Regions, International Law and Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction
Speakers: Claire Christian & Nicole Bransome, Nicolas Kempf

Thursday 19 November - Antarctic Governance: Interfaces between law and science?
Speakers: Yelena Yermakova, Valeria Eboli, Gustavo Ramirez Buchheister
See the Flyer for more details

Tuesday 24 November - Recent Developments of International Environmental Law in Polar Regions
Speakers: Carolina Fores Barros, Xueping Li