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Human Biology and Medicine (JEGHBM)

Major Activities and Significant Progress from past 2 years (2014-2016):

  1. Formed and reinvigorated successful SCAR COMNAP JEGHBM
  2. SCAR Horizon Scan participation –Human Biology and Medicine input and questions from International human biology and medicine research community
  3. JEGHBM Telehealth workshop conducted with tangible outputs presented and distributed to members at COMNAP Tromso Norway August 2015.
  4. Established capacity building awards to encourage early career researchers supporting participation in JEGHBM
  5. Renewed IUCH linkages and representation.
  6. New APECS linkage and JEGHBM representative
  7. Outreach and Capacity building via website, social media, ResearchGate
  8. Successful SCAR SSG-Life Sciences Deputy Chief Officer ( Prof Marc Shepanek)
  9. Trial of video recording of OSC session SCAR Auckland for outreach to members not in attendance.