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Ice Sheet Mass Balance and Sea Level (ISMASS)

ISMASS Workshop on the Marine Ice Sheet and Ice Shelf‐Ocean Model Intercomparison Projects (MISMIP+, ISOMIP+, MISOMIP1)

This workshop will be held in Cambridge on Sunday afternoon, 16 August 2015, right before the IGS meeting. The precise location and time will be announced soon.

Ice‐ocean interactions are considered to lie at the basis of current and future ice mass loss of the Antarctic ice sheet. One of the feedback mechanisms that can be generated through such ice‐ocean interaction is the so‐called marine ice sheet instability, which generates at present the most important uncertainty for the projections of sea level in the context of global warming.

A set of 3 types of idealized intercomparison experiments for studying marine ice sheet processes in ice‐sheet, ocean and coupled models have been developed over the past year:

  • MISMIP+: the third Marine Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project, in which a marine ice sheet is forced by the ocean (chair Stephen Cornford and Hilmar Gudmundsson);
  • ISOMIP+: the second Ice Shelf‐Ocean Model Intercomparison Project, where the ocean (and sub‐ice shelf cavity) is forced by a prescribed marine ice sheet geometry changing with time (chair Xylar Asay‐Davis);
  • MISOMIP1: the first Marine Ice Sheet‐Ocean Model Intercomparison Project, a coupling of MISMIP+ and ISOMIP+ (chair Xylar Asay‐Davis).

More information is available on the MISOMIP website.  The design of these experiments will be published by this summer (in the Copernicus journal GMD).

The August workshop will be an opportunity to:

  • Explain what the relation is between this set of experiments and ISMIP6 (ice sheet intercomparison in connection with CMIP6). Several communities are concerned by these experiments and it is important that these communities understand each other;
  • Have a progress report on these three intercomparison projects;
  • Discuss the timeline of the intercomparison and the various deadlines for submission and evaluation of MISIMP+, ISOMIP+ and MISOMIP1 experimental results.

To register, please send an e‐mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating your name, position and institution. An announcement about grants for early career scientists will be made through the CRYOLIST (by about 15 May).