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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Action Group

The Standing Committee for Gender Equality in Science (SCGES) is an initiative to support women and girls’ equal access to science education, fostering equal opportunity and treatment for females in their careers. SCGES has set up a monthly event series highlighting various topics of interest around the focus tasks of the Committee.

The next event, just after the International Day for Women and Girls in Science, will be held on Tuesday, 14 February. A member of the SCAR Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Action Group will be presenting about SCAR's efford on diversity in an associated event. To learn more about the work of the SCAR EDI group, click here.

Hybrid Webinar: How to evaluate and reduce the gender gap in science?

The interdisciplinary and international Gender Gap in Science project ended in 2019. It is timely to reflect on its results, follow up and outcomes and to learn about alternative approaches. This hybrid webinar is the participation of the Standing Committee for Gender Equality in Science to the Global Women’s breakfast. 

The event will be held in hybrid format (in-person and online) on February 14th, 2023 at 10:15-12:45 CET.

Campus Condorcet, Conference Center, Room 50 (ground floor), 93300 Aubervilliers, (Greater Paris, France)
Metro: Front Populaire (line 12)

Please fill in the registration form to receive the link to access the Webinar.

Participants in the webinar:

  • Marie-Françoise Roy (Université de Rennes): “The Gender Gap in Science project and its outcomes”
  • Guillaume Hollard (Ecole Polytechnique): “What interventions for more women in science? Tools, knowledge and know-how for the creation and evaluation of public policies”
  • Sophie Dabo (Université de Lille), Rachel Ivie (American Institute of Physics): “The global survey of scientists: focus on Africa, Latin-America, Mathematics and Physics”
  • Helena Mihaljevic (HTW Berlin): “New results for the gender gap in publication patterns”
  • Chair: Mei-Hung Chiu (National Taiwan Normal University)