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Connecting Geophysics with Geology (CGG)

CGG Gondwana 16 confThe SCAR Action Group Connecting Geology and Geophysics (CGG) presented a paper at the international Gondwana 16 Conference: Puzzling out Gondwana, held at the Asia Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, from 7th to 21st November 2017. The CGG group is contributing to the new Gondwana geological map and UNESCO’s IGCP (Council of the International Geoscience Programme) project 628, the Gondwana Map Project.

East Antarctica is in the heart of Gondwana and is difficult to present because of the low exposure level. In the draft map, East Antarctica is shown ice-free, using the SCAR product BEDMAP2. In the final map, Antarctica may be presented ice-free with isostatic compensation. Data from SCAR’s ADMAP product are used to project major tectonic boundaries and lineaments inland. The Gondwana map should be finalised by the end of 2018.