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Antarctic Near-shore and Terrestrial Observation System (ANTOS)

AVdP ANTOS sunset islandsThe SCAR Expert Group ANTOS (Antarctic Near-Shore and Terrestrial Observation System) is a continent-wide biologically-focussed initiative to assess responses to environmental variability and change.  A first step in establishing ANTOS is gathering information about which locations in Antarctica and the subantarctic islands might be optimal for gathering these measurements.  The ANTOS Steering Committee is asking for your help.

The survey below (see link) is intended to cast a broad net, capturing some of the general properties of each site.  It is not intended to be exhaustive.  Please provide as much information about each site as possible, but don’t feel obligated to provide information beyond that with which you are familiar.  While many questions are applicable to sites with established long-term datasets, we welcome proposals for new sites as well.

If you wish to provide information about more than one site, please fill out a different survey for each site.

We would like this survey to have the broadest distribution possible.  Please forward this link as appropriate to others who may have an interest in this effort.  The survey will close 30 September, 2017.