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As a UK Charity and Company, SCAR is required to have various documents outlining its governance. Here you will find SCAR’s Articles of Association, various policies on how the organization is governed and other documents important to the running of SCAR.


Reviews of Performance
SCAR Policies


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pdf Rules of Procedure, May 2018 (701 downloads) Download (pdf, 109 KB)
pdf Rules of Procedure for SCAR Subsidiary Bodies, May 2018 (672 downloads) Download (pdf, 157 KB)
pdf Articles of Association, May 2018 (731 downloads) Download (pdf, 174 KB)
pdf Articles of Association, August 2008 (939 downloads) Download (pdf, 154 KB)
pdf Memorandum of Association, July 2008 (1034 downloads) Download (pdf, 84 KB)
pdf Rules of Procedure, July 2008 (878 downloads) Download (pdf, 111 KB)
pdf Rules of Procedure for Subsidiary Bodies, August 2010 (847 downloads) Download (pdf, 223 KB)