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Produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, this dynamic online series uncovers the innovative global stories of scientists and how they are addressing inequalities, engaging policymakers and the public, and pioneering a more sustainable future.

With COP26 around the corner, and a chance for the world’s leaders, policymakers and community activists to put the planet on a sustainable path, this series meets the scientists who are finding solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing issues. Unlocking Science, a new online series, embargoed until 1pm UTC on 9 November 2021, looks at how the global collaborative effort by international science is rising to the challenge of finding pathways to living within planetary boundaries.

Produced for the International Science Council (ISC) by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, Unlocking Science addresses the need for accessible science – through compelling and innovative storytelling for the public. This new series of films, articles and podcast explores the ever-changing face of science culture, where diversity of thought and creative approaches to our most immediate and complex concerns are championed.

“We want communities to realise that science creating solutions for our planet is certainly not taking place in a so-called ivory tower. It is open, multinational, participatory and fuelled with urgency”,
Mathieu Denis, ISC Science Director said.

From innovators working to protect vital ecological biomes like the Great Barrier Reef and the Amazon rainforest, to scientists seeking stability after being displaced by conflict, to ordinary citizens discovering our galaxy and our place in it through community-led tourism, Unlocking Science tells the human stories and new discoveries created by science.

You can explore the series from Tuesday 9th November here:

Additional films and articles will be joining the Unlocking Science series in early 2022.