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SCAR General News

1 rOpenSci seal track over bathymetry webSoftware development to support Antarctic data usage is growing, but still lags behind the available data, and some common tasks can still be quite difficult. Starting in late 2017, SCAR (through through the Expert Group on Antarctic Biodiversity Informatics) has been collaborating with rOpenSci to strengthen the Antarctic and Southern Ocean R/science communities. Our focus is on data and tasks that are common or even unique to Antarctic and Southern Ocean science, including supporting the development of R packages to meet Antarctic science needs, guides for R users and developers, active fora for open discussions, and strengthening connections with the broader science world.

We encourage R users of all levels (aspiring through to seasoned) to become involved. The project is at a relatively early stage, and its value to the community is yours to shape. Read the introductory post on the Antarctic/Southern Ocean rOpenSci community blog and then stop by the rOpenSci Antarctic discussion forum to share your thoughts.