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SCAR General News

Maddie stall webSCAR is celebrating Antarctica Day by highlighting the contribution of 5-year-old Maddie, who wants to help save Antarctica and has raised an amazing $115 for SCAR!

Maddie saw a film about Antarctica and was very moved – but she didn’t just stop there, she decided to do something about it. She made a poster and some flyers with tips on how to save Antarctica. With her mother’s help, she printed the SCAR logo and some website information, which she taped to a “donation” jar. Then she ran a lemonade stand by herself outside her home.

Maddie poster webMaddie continues to help make a difference, by enlisting the help of her friends in raising funds and looking for new ways to spread her message. On Antarctica Day, she hopes to organise a neighbourhood litter clean-up.

The donation Maddie has raised will go towards the SCAR Fellowship Scheme, helping the next generation of Antarctic researchers to develop their careers.