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Antarctic continent book JD MH cover webProfessor Julian Dowdeswell, Director of the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI), and Professor Michael Hambrey, winner of the 2018 SCAR Medal for Excellence in Antarctic Research, have published their book The Continent of Antarctica.

Informed by the authors’ years of fieldwork, The Continent of Antarctica is a rigorously-researched, engaging and informative introduction to the Antarctic continent. It is beautifully illustrated with photos of the Antarctic region, drawn from the authors’ own rich stocks of photography and from the archives at SPRI.  

The Continent of Antarctica covers the physical environment, biology, and history of the Antarctic continent. It explores subjects such as living and working in the Antarctic, management of the Antarctic – including SCAR’s role and history – and the future of the region.  It will make a valuable addition to the bookshelves of anyone with an interest in the Antarctic continent.

An enthusiastic review in Nature describes the book as a "many-faceted portrait of Antarctica" that "meshes crisp scientific writing with luminous images". Find the full review on the Nature website.

The Continent of Antarctica is an important addition to the literature; well-informed, comprehensive, superbly illustrated, it reflects the rich careers of its two distinguished authors and is essential for anyone interested in the Antarctic and its essential place in the Earth System and our modern history”, Professor Steven Chown, SCAR President

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The Continent of Antarctica on the SPRI website

Dowdeswell, J., and Hambrey, M., (2018), The Continent of Antarctica, Papadakis

ISBN 978 1906506 64 3