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SCAR General News

Earlier this year, SCAR worked with scientists across the globe to produce the Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment Decadal Synopsis (ACCE). The report provides a summary of a decade’s worth of research, and its eight chapters leave little room for doubt: The continent is warming, and so is its surrounding Southern Ocean. Climate change is having significant impacts on Antarctica’s ice sheets, climate and life, with far-reaching global consequences. The ACCE report provides concise compiled synopses of current understanding, explicit recommendations for actions to address change, and recommendations for additional research. It is key that we understand what these changes mean for both the Antarctic and the rest of the world - and what we can do.

Our new animation summarises the key messages from the report:



ACCE Animation webYou can read the full ACCE report from the SCAR library.
A set of infographics to accompany the report are available from here.

Climate change will have consequences on Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, many of which we can already see today. However, it is not too late. We need to meet and exceed the greenhouse gas emission targets of the Paris Climate Agreement – and do so with urgency.
Our future depends on us.

Please feel free to share the animation and these important key messages with your colleagues, friends, educators and others.

Animation by: Katelyn Beissert
Illustrations by: Laura Philips and Katelyn Beissert
Voiceover by: Cassandra Brooks