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wef strategic intelligence platformThe World Economics Forum (WEF) has added a section about Antarctica to their Strategic Intelligence platform.

The platform is a dynamic system of contextual intelligence that enables users to trace relationships and interdependencies between issues, supporting more informed decision-making. In addition to the human curation by the Forum’s unique expert network, Strategic Intelligence uses the latest in artificial intelligence technology in order to curate the most relevant publications, videos and data visualisations, as well as identify emerging trends and themes. The information is presented in the form of an interactive, dynamic data visualization called a “transformation map”. 

The Antarctic transformation map collates information falling under the topics of Antarctic Governance, Infrastructure, Tourism, Environmental Risk, Natural Resources, Ice Sheets and Sea Level, and Climate Change Science and the Antarctic. These are then linked to other issues of global importance. The briefing was curated in partnership with Professors Steven L. Chown and Andrew Mackintosh, and Research Fellows Felicity McCormack and Rachel Leihy, at Monash University.

Click here to create a free member account to access the platform and view the Antarctic transformation map.

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