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The peer-reviewed journal Advances in Polar Science (APS) published Issue 34(1) in March 2023. This issue covers six articles, the titles and highlights of which are presented below:

  1. Constraining the timing of West Antarctic Ice Sheet changes using East Antarctic ice cores
  2. Temporal and spatial variation characteristics of Antarctic sea ice and the causes of its record decline during 2015–2016: a review
  3. Physical-chemical and biological control of the zooplankton community in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica          
  4. The roles of phosphate in shaping the structure and dynamics of Antarctic soil microbiomes
  5. Development potential of the Northeast Passage based on a multinomial-logit-based stochastic user equilibrium model
  6. An assessment of China’s participation in polar subregional organizations

All papers are available online and can be downloaded for free with funding from the Polar Research Institute of China. More details are available on the APS website.

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