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SCAR is committed to helping scientists in all of its Member countries to participate in understanding scientifically the physical, biological, chemical and geological processes at work in the Antarctic region, to use that understanding to predict change both there and elsewhere in the world, and to provide objective and independent advice to policy makers, especially the Antarctic Treaty System. To achieve that goal requires that efforts be made to raise national scientific capacities, especially in developing countries. SCAR is also committed to promoting the incorporation of Antarctic science in education at all levels.

SCAR's Capacity Building activities are coordianted by the SCAR Capacity Building, Education and Training Committee (CBET). Learn more about CBET's progress here.

One of SCAR’s primary goals is “to communicate scientific information about the Antarctic region to the public.”  Communication is essential in all aspects of SCAR’s work, to ensure that scientists, policymakers and decision makers understand the significance and value of SCAR’s activities and are willing to support them.  SCAR also aims to inform the wider public about Antarctic issues.


SCAR Strategic documents on Capacity Building, Education and Training