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Writing for Success!

Advice for applicants to the SCAR Fellowship Scheme

Preparing a successful fellowship application is a skill. Often, lack of success with applications is not due to a poor research idea but comes down to the inability to express clearly and confidently, in writing, your research to someone else. Everyone’s writing skills can be improved and be made more effective. This mentoring activity is designed to help early-career researchers with developing their fellowship-proposal-writing skills. It is particularly meant for young researchers in countries with a small or just developing Antarctic research community that may not have adequate mentoring in their home institutions.

The first webinar on writing tips for SCAR and COMNAP fellowships was hosted by APECS in April 2016 and is available below and on APECS’ Vimeo site. To complement the webinar a  pdf "Writing for Success" document (112 KB) was produced which includes information on the evaluation of proposals, feedback on positive examples as well as areas where improvement is often needed from those who review applications, and some Frequently Asked Questions on the technical details of submitting an application (also see the FAQs page as new questions are being added regularly, based on the queries we receive).

Building on the success of the first webinar, SCAR, COMNAP and APECS partnered again to hold a similar training webinar in March 2017, but this time in Spanish. This webinar hopes to provide additional tips and tricks for writing applications in English for Spanish speakers.

Further APECS webinars were held in 2021 in Portuguese and German.  Both are available on the SCAR YouTube channel.


pdf "Writing for Success" document (112 KB) in printable Acrobat pdf format.

For more information on applications, visit the Detailed Information page.

  Recordings of all webinars are available below.

Writing for Success Webinar (English), April 2016:

SCAR-COMNAP-APECS-Webinar: Writing for Success! Preparing winning fellowship applications from APECS Webinars on Vimeo.

Writing for Success Webinar (Spanish), March 2017:

SCAR-COMNAP-APECS-Webinar: Writing for Success! Preparing winning fellowship applications - Spanish Version from APECS Webinars on Vimeo.

SCAR Fellowship Webinar (Portuguese), May 2021:

APECS SCAR Fellowships Webinar Portuguese

SCAR Fellowship Webinar (German), December 2021:

SCAR/APECS Germany Fellowship Webinar in German