Operational Meteorology in the Antarctic (OpMet) Expert Group

Over the past couple of years this group has concentrated on establishing links between other groups working in the same area of operational meteorology in Antarctica. The main links are to the Antarctic Meteorological Observation, Modeling, and Forecasting Workshop group which holds annual meeting in June or July and SCAR provides some funds to pay for accommodation for representatives from some countries to attend. Also a link between SCAR and the WMO EC-PORS (Panel of Experts on Polar Observations, Research and Services)where it is possible to carry out monitoring of the meteorological observations that come from Antarctica via AnTON (Antarctic Observing Network) which helps to identify problems with the data that is currently coming out from Antarctica, for more information see:


Establishing these links means that the groups are now working together better and we have seen an improvement in the quality and quantity of observations coming from Antarctica.

For further details see the OpMet website.