Expert Group on Antarctic Volcanism (AntVolc)


Antarctic Volcanism

Volcanoes are widespread, at environmentally strategic locations across the entire continent; several still active

  • Part of one of Earth’s largest crustal rift zones – the West Antarctic Rift System
  • Outstanding probes of the Earth’s inaccessible lithospheric interior
  • Erupted tephras ubiquitous in marine & ice cores; unrivalled tools for regional climate and time correlations
  • Tephras are isochronous correlateable surfaces whose sources and ages can be determined
  • Subglacial eruptions are unrivalled sources of palaeo-ice sheet parameters (e.g. age, thickness, thermal regime)
  • Volcanic heat during subglacial eruptions has the potential to modulate ice-sheet behaviour and stability, and influence global climate

So volcanic studies are crucial for a holistic understanding of the palaeoenvironmental, palaeoclimatic & geological evolution (past and future) of the Antarctic Continent.

To address these issues the Expert Group on Antarctic Volcanism (AntVolc) was formed in 2014 after approval at the 2014 SCAR Delegates Meeting in Auckland, New Zealand.

More information is available on the AntVolc website.