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The Science Horizon Scan Retreat was held in Queenstown, New Zealand from 20 to 23 April 2014, where the most important scientific questions were be formulated and agreed. To reach a consensus, International Steering Committee members carefully reviewed the credentials of all nominees and selected those they believed should be invited to the Retreat via an online survey. For further details on the voting process used for selecting retreat attendees, see the news announcement. For the countries represented in the nominations for the Horizon Scan retreat, see the Demographics page.

The following is the final list:

Last Name

First Name



Abu Samah Azizan Malaysia meterorology/ atmopsheric science
Allison Ian Australia glaciology/climate science/IPCC
Ayton Jeff Australia human medicine and biology/behavioral science
Badhe Renuka UK marine ecology/SCAR
Baeseman Jenny Norway CliC/APECS/cryosphere
Barrett Peter New Zealand stratigraphy/sedimentology/paleoenviroments
Bell Robin USA tectonics/ice sheet dynamics/continetal dynamics
Bertler Nancy New Zealand paleoclimate/ice core science
Bo Sun China oceanography/glaciology
Brandt Angelika Germany deep-sea marine biology/systematics/biodiversity
Bromwich David USA atmospheric sciences
Cary Craig New Zealand terrestrial ecology/climate change
Cassano John USA climate/meteorology
Chown Steven Australia terrestrial ecology/conservation/policy/ACS
Clark Melody UK adaptations/physiology/genomics
Convey Pete UK paleoecologist, terrestrial ecologist
Costa Erli Brazil ECS/sea bird ecology
Cowan Don South Africa genomics/microbial ecology
DeConto Robert USA climate and ice sheet modeling
Dunbar Robert USA marine chemistry/climate/marine ecosystems
Elfring Chris USA policy/conservation/US National Academies
Escutia Carlota Spain paleoclimate/climate evolution
Francis Jane UK paleobotany/paleoclimate/past biodiversity
Fricker Helen USA glaciology/remote sensing/ice sheet dynamics
Fukuchi Mitsuo Japan marine ecology/fisheries/CCAMLR
Gilbert Neil New Zealand policy/conservation/ATS-CEP/AEP
Gutt Julian Germany marine ecology/biocomplexity
Havermans Charlotte Belgium ECS/Scan planning/phylogenetics/systematics
Hik David Canada Arctic ecology/IASC
Hosie Graham Australia marine ecology/phytoplankton ecology/CPR
Jones Christopher USA population dynamics of fish and fin fish/fisheries /CCAMLR
Kennicutt Mahlon USA chemical oceanography/human impacts/SCAR
Kim Yaedong South Korea geophysics/ deep time
Lee Sang Hoon South Korea microbial ecology/genomics
Leitchenkov German Russia marine geology/geophysics
LeMaho Yvon France ecophysiologist
Leppe Marcelo Chile paleobotany/Cretaceous biota evolution
Li Xichen USA student/climatemodeling/ocean-sea-ice modelling
Liggett Daniela New Zealand social sciences/environmental management/tourism
Lipenkov Vladimir Russia ice core science/subglacial environments
Lochte Karin Germany marine ecology/NAP
Lopez-Martinez Jeronimo Spain geology/geomorphology/permafrost/SCAR
Luedecke Cornelia Germany history of natural science
Lyons W Berry USA limnology/biogeochemistry
Marenssi Sergio Argentina geology
Massom Rob Australia sea-ice/polynya
Miller Heinrich Germany geophysics/glaciology/ice core science/COMNAP
Morozova Polina Russia ECS/climatology/meteorology
Naish Tim New Zealand paleoclimate/past ice sheets/IPCC
Nayak Shailesh India geology
Peck Lloyd UK marine ecology
Ravindra Rasik India policy/former NAP/ATCM
Retamales Jose Chile NAP/ATCM
Ricci Carlo Alberto Italy policy/geology/IUGS
Rintoul Steve Australia physical oceanography/global climate sysytem/IPCC
Rogan-Finnemore Michelle New Zealand COMNAP Executive Secretary/science in policy/law
Ropert-Coudert Yan France marine birds/physiology
Sanson Lou New Zealand policy/former NAP/comservation
Scambos Ted USA glaciology, remote sensing, geochemistry
Schloss Irene Argentina/Canada marine phytoplankton/physico-biological coupling
Shiraishi Kazuyuki Japan geology/tectonics/NAP
Siegert Martin UK glaciology/subglacial environments
Simoes Jefferson Brazil glaciology/paleoclimate
Sparrow Michael UK oceanography/SCAR Executive Director
Storey Bryan New Zealand geology/tectonics
Storey John Australia Astronomy/Astrophysics
Sutherland William UK ecology/conservation science/Horizon Scan/birds
Vaughan David UK Quaternary science
Wall Diana USA terrestrial ecology/soil biodiversity
Walsh Jessica UK student/Scan planning/ecology
Wilson Gary New Zealand paleo-coeanography/ paleoclimate/Director NZARI
Wilson Terry USA solid earth/SERCE/observatories/tectonics
Winther Jan-Gunnar Norway glaciology/Artic System Science
Xavier Jose Portugal marine ecology/marine mammals
Yang Huigen China space and atmospheric physics