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José María Sobral Antarctic Museum

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Carlos Pedro Vairo is a maritime ethnographer and museologist (“Instituto Nº 8” La Plata, Buenos Aires) who obtained a Cultural Manager degree through “Fundación Ortega Gasset” (2003) and a Zaragoza Museology degree (2001). He has been the Director of the Maritime Museum of Ushuaia since 1994 and has been a Research Director in Antarctica with the icebreaker “Ice Lady Patagonia” as well as with sundry other icebreakers and sailing ships. Since 1999, Carlos has been the Director of the José María Sobral Antarctic Museum.  He regularly travels to Antarctica to survey Antarctic historical sites and verify material evidence of historic Antarctic expeditions.  He also works in the South Orkney and South Georgia Islands.

  • Research Interests:
    • Antarctic history (including the history of sealers and whalers)
    • Antarctic expeditions
    • Survey of Antarctic historical sites

  • For publications visit:

Keywords: Antarctic History, Whaling, Polar Heritage, Sealing, Culture, Historic Sites