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SC-HASS Research Project: The impact of COVID-19 on Antarctica

COVID 19 WP4 book cover webAbout:

In two overlapping subgroups (Media Representations of Antarctica and Cultural History) using media analysis methods, this WP researches how public perceptions of Antarctica have changed through the pandemic. Geographical focus is on the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, and Chile.

Research questions:
  1. How is COVID-19 impacting on perceptions of Antarctica, as a protected environment, an internationally governed space, a workplace, an object of scientific investigation, and a travel destination?
  2. Which ideas, analogies, and metaphors related to Antarctica is COVID-19 reinforcing, which is it challenging?
  3. How are public health strategies such as lockdown and isolation being mediated through Antarctic experience?

Elizabeth Leane (Co-Lead)
Charne Lavery (Co-Lead)
Meredith Nash
Karen Alexander
Linda Hunt
Katie Marx
Mary Tahan
Mengzhu (Maggie) Zhang