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SC-HASS Research Project: The impact of COVID-19 on Antarctica

COVID 19 WP3 tourist boats webAbout:

With input from IAATO, this group researches the impact of the pandemic on Antarctic tourism. Considering two subsidiary topics (Tourism & Operations and Policy & Permitting), methods include a survey/interviews and document analysis.

Research questions:
  1. What is the impact of COVID- 19 on Antarctic tourism?
  2. What are the implications of COVID-19 for the future of the industry and its operations in a post-pandemic world?

Hanne Nielsen (Lead)
Daniela Cajiao (Co-Lead)
Gabriela Roldan (Co-Lead)
Karen Alexander
Javier Benayas
Valentina Dinica
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Jasmine Lee
Yu-Fai Leung
Amanda Lynnes
Yliana Rodriguez
Daniela Sampaio
Pablo Tejedo
Jane Verbitsky


Nielsen, H., D. Cajiao, G. Roldan, J. Benayas, A. Herbert, Y.-F. Leung, P. Tejedo, V. Dinica: "Is COVID-19 helping, or hindering, effective management of Antarctic Tourism?", Polar Perspectives No. 10, The Wilson Center.

pdf Report on the initial approach and discussion to the guiding questions for WP3 Tourism Group on COVID-19 (157 KB) . (SWOT Analysis of COVID challenges for tourism).