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Action Group on Meeting and Managing Antarctic Environments (EN-AQ)

The EN-AQ Action Group will address a single fundamental question: How have perceptions of the Antarctic environment framed the structures through which the continent and its surrounding waters are valued and managed?  Understanding this connection is crucial at the present moment. Scepticism about science seems to be rising around the world, but this must not blind either scholars or policy-makers to importance of values and perceptions within the human realm in addition to the essential data from natural scientific research.

The aim of the group is to produce a methodological foundation that can guide future research in the role of human values in Antarctic environmental policy-making. Perspectives from history, political science, philosophy and literature have much to contribute to understanding the human dimensions of environmental impact in the Antarctic, but the integration of questions posed by these disciplines into studies of the human dimension of environmental change in Antarctica still has much unrealized potential. We argue that understanding how historical and contemporary actors have linked the construction and management of the Antarctic environment is directly relevant to understanding both the nature and the efficacy of environmental management structures in the present.