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Antarctic Tourism Action Group (Ant-TAG)

Ant TAG tourists and gentoos HN webA new article looking at the impact of Covid-19 on the management of Antarctic tourism has just been published by the Wilson Centre Polar Institute in Polar Perspectives No. 10.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted Antarctic tourism, disrupting both travel to the continent and the management of human activity in Antarctica. The article, "Is COVID-19 helping or hindering effective management of Antarctic tourism?", looks at Antarctic tourism during the pandemic and at the future challenges and opportunities that Covid-19 poses.

This article is an output of the project on the Impact of Covid-19 on Antarctica, Work Package 3 (Antarctic Tourism) and is of particular relevance for the Antarctic Tourism Action Group (Ant-TAG) as the pandemic continues to impact a wide range of human activities in the Antarctic, including the tourism industry. Ant-TAG, which is mentioned in the paper, provides a useful umbrella under which to further develop the partnerships and collaborations that were formed through WP3.


Nielsen, H., D. Cajiao, G. Roldan, J. Benayas, A. Herbert, Y.-F. Leung, P. Tejedo, V. Dinica: "Is COVID-19 helping, or hindering, effective management of Antarctic Tourism?", Polar Perspectives No. 10, The Wilson Center.