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TATE Action Group Report 2022

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TATE Action Group Report 2022

Action Group on Tropical Antarctic Teleconnections (TATE) 2020-22 Report

Action Group of the Physical Sciences Group

Report Author(s): Sheeba Chenoli (Malaysia)

Summary of activities from 2020-22

The Tropical Antarctic Teleconnections (TATE) group sponsored a half-day workshop on TATE, which was held on 20 June 2019 in conjunction with 9th Malaysian International Seminar on Antarctica. A total number of 6 papers were presented at the workshop. Details as given below:

  1. Francisco Aquino: Synoptic and isotopic influence of tropical Antarctic teleconnections in two consecutive explosive cyclones in Southern Brazil.
  2. Seong-Joong Kim: The recent weakening of the southern stratospheric polar vortex and its impact on the surface climate over Antarctica.
  3. Rui Mao: Virtual The interannual linkage between the Antarctic Oscillation and tropical cyclone activity in the Southern Indian Ocean
  4. Prof Ryan Fogt: Extratropical Southern Hemisphere Recorded Synchronous Pressure Variability in the Early 20th Century
  5. Dr Ing. Sebastián Marinsek: Ongoing negative mass balance low Virtual precipitation in Bahía de Diablo Glacier, Antarctic Peninsula
  6. Dr Jonathan Willie: Antarctic Atmospheric River Life Cycles

TATE would also be linking to the Asian Forum for Polar Sciences (AFOPS) and plans to contribute to the Near-term Variability and Prediction of the Antarctic Climate System (AntClimNow).