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SCAR XXXVI Paper 19: Executive Director's Report Popular


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SCAR XXXVI Paper 19: Executive Director's Report

SCAR XXXVI Delegates Meeting, Online, 16-25 March 2021

SCAR XXXVI Paper 19: Executive Director's Report

Agenda Item: 11.1
Person Responsible: Chandrika Nath

Author: Chandrika Nath



The SCAR Executive Director’s role cuts across all areas of SCAR’s work. The Executive Director (ED) oversees the work of the Secretariat but also plays a wider role in providing strategic advice and support to the SCAR Executive Committee (ExCom) and support to SCAR group leaders.

During 2018 and 2019, a key focus was the management of the Secretariat and supporting the ExCom. The ED also worked extensively on development of SCAR’s internal and external communications, on delivery of scientific advice to the ATCM and other key policy fora, and on plans for the SCAR Open Science Conference in Hobart. The ED also represented SCAR and raised awareness of its work at a range of science and policy fora. During 2020, the pandemic and associated disruption to working practices in the UK and elsewhere meant that the ED’s focus was on ensuring continuity of SCAR’s business, including managing the process of transitioning the Secretariat to home working and managing the transition of the SCAR 2020 OSC in Hobart to SCAR2020 Online.

A future priority for the ED will be to support the new SCAR President and Executive Committee with SCAR’s forward agenda, to ensure continuity of SCAR’s activities through the ongoing pandemic and facilitate the Secretariat’s transition back to normal working arrangements as UK lockdown lifts.