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SCAR XXXIII WP26: A Possible SCAR Review Popular

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SCAR XXXIII WP26: A Possible SCAR Review
XXXIII SCAR Delegates Meeting
1 - 3 September 2014, Auckland, New Zealand

SCAR XXXIII WP26: A Possible SCAR Review

Working Paper: 26
Agenda Item: 11.1
Posted/Revised: 19 Aug 2014
Person Responsible: J. López-Martínez and EXCOM

Executive Summary

Title: A possible SCAR Review

Authors: J. López-Martínez and EXCOM

Introduction/ Background: The current SCAR structure and Rules of Procedure are those approved following the major SCAR review in 2004. The restructuring has been a major success. However, it in light of the last years’ experience and considering the SCAR current context and perspectives, it is timely to evaluate if possible improvements can or should be made.

Important Issues or Factors: Over the years the practice has been to adapt some aspects of the procedures to be more efficient both from a time and cost viewpoint (e.g. to hold SCAR Delegates Meetings immediately after the Business meetings and OSC). It should be analyzed if the evolution and perspectives of SCAR and its subsidiary bodies, SRPs and other initiatives recommend changes in the structure and rules of procedure. The view of the aforementioned groups is particularly relevant for this discussion. To conduct this exercise in parallel to the preparation of the new SCAR Strategic Plan 2017-2022 would facilitate synergies and coordination.

Recommendations/Actions and Justification: Delegates are asked to discuss/approve as appropriate if an ad hoc group to examine the SCAR structure and Rules of Procedure should be established and to decide its terms of reference.

Expected Benefits/Outcomes: This review would contribute to ensuring that SCAR is an efficient organization that is in a position to adapt to new circumstances. The ad hoc group jointly with the EXCOM would present to the SCAR Delegates a proposal of possible changes in the structure and Rules of Procedure to be discussed/approved in the XXXIV SCAR Meeting (Malaysia, August 2016).

Partners: Proposed composition of the ad hoc group: SCAR president, two vice-presidents, Executive Director, Chairs of the three SSGs, Chairs of two of the Standing Committees, Chairs of two of the SRPs.

Budget Implications: To reduce travels and cost, most of the job of the ad hoc group would be done by e-mail and teleconference. The discussion of this issue with the EXCOM will be during the spring 2015 EXCOM Meeting, in which all the members of the ad hoc group will participate. Before the EXCOM meeting there will be a teleconference meeting of the ad hoc group in which those members available (and having easier/cheaper journeys) will meet in Cambridge (this would have a cost to be considered).