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SCAR XXXI WP31: Capacity Building and Education Plan Popular

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XXXI SCAR Delegates Meeting
9-11 August 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

SCAR XXXI WP31: Capacity Building and Education Plan

Working Paper 31
Agenda Item: 10.9
Posted/Revised: May 1
Person Responsible: Badhe

Executive Summary

Title: Capacity Building and Education Plan

Authors: M.Sparrow, R.Ravindra, R.Badhe, C. Kennicutt

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Introduction/ Background: SCAR is committed to developing scientific capacity in all SCAR Members, assisting students, early career scientists, underrepresented groups, and emerging programs to participate in Antarctic research. SCAR promotes and facilitates the incorporation of Antarctic science into all levels of education.

Important Issues or Factors:  The CBET committee is now active and working on CBET and related issues. It is proposed a Visiting Professor scheme will be launched in 2011. Various external grants (see below) have been solicited to support CBET activities.

Recommendations/Actions and Justification:  Continued support of both SCAR and national CBET activities is encouraged by all SCAR members.

Expected Benefits/Outcomes: Increased Capacity in SCAR Member countries and early career scientists and students.

Partners: Association of Early Career Scientists, International Arctic Science Committee, International Polar Foundation, ICSU, COMNAP and others.

Budget Implications:

Fellowships = $30,000 a year (supplemented with voluntary contributions)

SCAR Visiting Professor scheme = $4,000 a year

Early careers scientist support and general = $4,000 a year

CBET Committee funds: $2,000 a year

SCAR Secondment = $5,000 a year 

SCAR has been successful in obtaining external grants to support CBET activities, for example 30,000 Euros from ICSU "Education and Outreach Lessons from IPY" with APECS, IASC and IPY office; $30,000 in travel grants from the Tinker Foundation to help Latin American scientists attend the Oslo 2010 IPY Conference and management of the Martha T. Muse Prize for Science and Policy in Antarctica.