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Remote Sensing Action Group Report 2019

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Remote Sensing Action Group Report 2019

SCAR Remote Sensing Action Group: “Development of a satellite-based, Antarctic-wide, remote sensing approach to monitor bird and animal populations" - 2018-19 Report

Action Group of the Life Sciences and Physical Sciences Groups

Report Authors: Hans-Ulrich Peter and Osama Mustafa (Germany)


  • Organizing an Action Group Meeting during the Polar2018 Conference in Davos.
  • Publication of the outcomes of the workshop “Drones in Polar Biology” during SCAR Biology Symposium 2017 regarding the impact of drones on wildlife.
  • Providing input for the Information Paper 10 of XLII ATCM (Prague 2019) “An update to the state of knowledge of wildlife responses to unmanned aerial vehicles” .
  • Communication with the European Space Agency (ESA) since 2016 resulted in a regular coverage of Antarctic coastline by Sentinel-2 every 10 days from September 2018 to April 2019.
  • Consultancy for National Scientific Antarctic Center of the Ukraine on the establishment of a drone-based monitoring programme of Penguin colonies and vegetation at Argentine Islands.