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SCAR EXCOM 2019 Paper 15: Report from SCADM Popular

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SCAR EXCOM 2019 Paper 15: Report from SCADM

SCAR Executive Committee Meeting
30-31 July, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

SCAR EXCOM 2019 Paper 15: Report from SCADM

Standing Committee on Antarctic Data Management, 2018-19 Report

Agenda Item: 8
Person Responsible: Anton Van de Putte

Report Authors: Anton Van de Putte, Johnathan Kool, Frank Nitsche, Helen Peat, Masaki Kanao


The Antarctic Master Directory (AMD) continues to be hosted by NASA’s GCMD (Global Change Master Directory) and was migrated to the NASA CMR structure. The AMD remains one of the largest portals in the GCMD with significant use of the portal, especially from Asian countries (India, Korea, but also Italy).

Several NADC representatives expressed issues regarding the current AMD. Two surveys will be launched: one for NADC’s and how they use the AMD; and a second that will be SCAR-wide to better understand how researchers search for data.

In 2018, a considerable amount of effort was put into Polder, a joint committee of SCADM and ADC (the Arctic Data Committee), to investigate the possibilities of a federated search tool. The SCADM group compiled a list of requirements and functionalities that a federated search tool would have to meet and additional ones that would be nice to have.

Due to current issues with the AMD and the potential development of new tools to search for Antarctic data, SCADM recommends to NADCs that their metadata information should be provided in one or more of the following formats: ISO, DIF, and

SCADM aims to increase its representation in SCAR Science groups and SRPs.