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SCAR EXCOM 2011 WP32: Report on the SCAR Development Council Popular

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SCAR Executive Committee Meeting
18-19 July 2011, Edinburgh, Scotland

SCAR EXCOM 2011 WP32: Report on the SCAR Development Council 

Working Paper 32
Agenda Item: 10.5
Deadline: June 1
Person Responsible: Chuck

Executive Summary

Title: SCAR Development Council

Author: M Kennicutt

Introduction/ Background: As part of the restructuring of SCAR, employment of an expanded, Secretariat staff was agreed. One justification for an expansion in administrative staff was that the Secretariat would raise revenues other than those generated by Membership fees to defray the higher costs. The Secretariat has had some success in acquiring funds from external organizations and ICSU.  It was also agreed that a committee would be created to assist in these external fund raising efforts. This paper reports on progress toward establishing a “SCAR Development Council”.

Important Issues or Factors: These are difficult times and many philanthropic organizations have seen substantial declines in endowments during the recent financial crisis. The range of organizations that might support SCAR activities and the types of activities that would be of interest is limited. External funds come with additional work for the Secretariat, which is already fully occupied.

Recommendations:  Form an initial Development Council based on a regional model of membership. Task the inaugural members with considering the best model for continuation of the Council based on a robust strategy for soliciting external funds for SCAR.

Expected Benefits/Outcomes: A successful Development Council would supplement the SCAR budget beyond membership fees and increase organizational financial capacity.

Partners: Partnerships with other polar organizations on common goals will be considered as a facet of an overall fund raising strategy.

Budget Implications: Funds for one face-to-face meeting/year ($5-8k). Initial work will be conducted electronically.