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AntClimNow Workshop: Connecting Models and Observations of the Antarctic Climate System Across Timescales
From Wednesday 28 September 2022
To Friday 30 September 2022
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All models have strengths and weaknesses, all observations are uncertain and comparisons between the two involve inevitable caveats. This workshop is an opportunity to share and discuss advances in the combined use of models and observations across timescales from short-term extreme events to longer-term climatological means.

Specific topics for discussion will include:

  • Challenges in evaluating model representation of extreme events.
  • Improving process understanding by linking observations and models.
  • Best practices for comparing point measurements with gridded datasets.
  • Strengths and limitations of reanalysis datasets as tools for model evaluation.
  • Applicants will be welcome to suggest other topics for discussion.

Registration information coming soon on www.scar.org/antclimnow, the AntClimNow mailing list and twitter.

Location : British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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