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2020 BEPSII and ECVice Meeting - Online
From Friday 21 August 2020
To Friday 28 August 2020
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The meeting will consist of an early-career scientist event on August 21st, a 24-hour poster display and the full meeting from August 24-28 (note that depending on your timezone the meeting might start on your Sunday evening August 23). There, each day will consist of a time slot that covers all time zones and which will rotate over the week, and 3 timeslots for discussion and poster session which move around the world to allow discussions once with your colleagues to the east and once with your colleagues to the west.

Please register via the online Google Docs form by Sunday August 9th. Details on the platforms used will be provided.

Timing for all-hands meeting - Rotating through the week
Content: BEPSII & ECVice meeting - (taskgroup updates, partner updates, CATCH link, MOSAIC, discussion session intro&summary)

  • Mon, Thu - UTC 4am: Victoria 9pm day-1, Calgary 10pm day-1, Amsterdam 6am, Helsinki 7am, Tokyo 1pm, Hobart 2pm
  • Tue, Fri - UTC 0:00pm: Victoria 5am, Calgary 6am, Amsterdam 2pm, Helsinki 3pm, Tokyo 9pm, Hobart 10pm
  • Wed  - UTC 8pm: Victoria 1pm, Calgary 2pm, Amsterdam 10pm, Helsinki 11pm, Tokyo 5am day+1, Hobart 6am day+1

Timing for 3x3 sessions of around the world discussions/poster sessions - two big time zones (America, Europe/Africa, Asia/Australia) at a time (75min/session Mon-Thu)

  • America, Europe/Africa - UTC 3:30pm: Victoria 8:30am, Calgary 9:30am, Amsterdam 5:30pm, Helsinki 6:30pm
  • Europe/Africa, Asia/Australia - UTC 6:30am: Amsterdam 8:30am, Helsinki 9:30am, Tokyo 3:30pm, Hobart 4:30pm
  • Asia/Australia, America - UTC 11:30pm: Victoria 4:30pm, Calgary 5:30pm, Tokyo 8:30am day+1, Hobart 9:30am day+1

Discussion topics

  1. Developing a position analysis for the Antarctic
    (Monday - Coordinators: Klaus Meiners, Jeff Bowman, Letizia Tedesco, Jacqueline Stefels)
  2. Joint BEPSII-CATCH cruise discussion
    (Tuesday - Coordinators: Jaqueline Stefels, Delphine Lannuzel)
  3. Developing a joined CATCH-BEPSII SCOR working group on Biogeochemically Significant Ocean Sea-Ice, and Atmosphere linkages
    (Thursday - Coordinators: Nadja Steiner, Thorsten Bartels-RauschBR, Odile Crabeck, Jennie Thomas)
Location : Online

Please get in touch with us at info@scar.org if you'd like to advertise an event.