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pdf Detailed information for SKAG Workshop, April 2021

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Detailed information for SKAG Workshop, April 2021

SCAR Krill Action Group online workshop to evaluate change in the krill-based food web and to develop solutions for the future sampling of krill

26-30 April 2021

This document adds to the information provided in the original background document.  It contains detailed information for the workshop, including the background to the workshop, its objectives, the timetable, includeing a schedule of topics, and the proposed workshop output.

The SCAR Krill Action Group (SKAG) provides a forum to guide research directions, promote collaboration, improve understanding of krill biology and ecology, and facilitate information exchange. A key activity in 2021 is a scientific workshop, supported by WWF, which aims to address one of the major issues in current understanding of Antarctic krill ecology: How the krill-based food web changes over time. What do indices of krill, derived from variety sampling methods including predators and the krill fishery itself, tell us about change in the amounts and distribution of krill?