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Request for a Letter of Support from SCAR

Criteria for SCAR Endorsement

SCAR highly values its reputation, and its role as an independent scientific advisor, and therefore, carefully considers requests for endorsement (e.g., letters of support). SCAR is an organisation of members (nations and ISC Unions) and any endorsements must not be counter to the interests of its members or its Articles of Association, its Rules of Procedure or other established policies.

In general, what characterises requests that SCAR might consider for endorsement are:

  1. Projects or activities aligned with SCAR initiatives, and involving scientists from multiple SCAR member countries and unions.
  2. Proposals for programmes, projects or activities that are not expected to be in competition with other Antarctic groups whether internal or external to SCAR.
  3. Programmes, projects, or activities that leverage significant funding in support of SCAR programs, subsidiary bodies, or projects.

SCAR does NOT consider requests for endorsement for:

  1. Individual investigator grants. Exceptions may be made for funding that would directly support the work of a SCAR subsidiary body (e.g., funding for a SCAR workshop).
  2. Competitions for funds where more than one national programme is eligible (an exception - if all eligible programs partner in a single application).
  3. Support for personal awards/prizes/accolades will usually not be considered. A special case is when an awarding organisation seeks SCAR's verification of the credentials of a nomination in confidence.

If your proposed request qualifies based on the above considerations, please fill out the form below which provides the details necessary for further consideration of your request and will aid in the production of a “letter of support”, if approved.

Please click here to fill out the form:

Note: For SCAR to conduct due diligence in deciding whether to issue a letter of support, this form must be submitted a minimum of one month before the due date.