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pdf SCAR XXXVII Paper 11: Geosciences Group (SG-GS)

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SCAR XXXVII Paper 11: Geosciences Group (SG-GS)

XXXVII SCAR Delegates Meeting
5-7 September 2022, Goa, India

SCAR XXXVII Paper 11: Geosciences Group (SG-GS)

Agenda Item: 4.2.1
Person Responsible: Jesús Galindo-Zaldívar
Report Authors: Jesús Galindo-Zaldívar, Naresh C. Pant and Marcelo Leppe


This report includes the activities of Geosciences Group in a setting where the global COVID19 pandemic has delayed the programmed activities. Geosciences Group included seven expert groups and three action groups, four of them cross-disciplinary. EG / AG continue their activities and do not have any major issue. Please peruse details of their activities in Progress reports submitted by each EG / AG.

GSG summary and recommendations following the Business Meeting on 29 July 2022:

  1. The Geological Heritage and Geoconservation AG has closed after successfully completing the objectives. Their activities are acknowledged.
  2. GEOCON EG, ICEPRO AG has been approved and RINGS AG is being supported. Remaining AG / EG of the Geosciences Group are recommended for continuation.
  3. Need to continue in-situ geodetic and geophysical measurements in Antarctica, especially GNSS, to secure foundation of reference frame and enable critical applications in geodynamics, geophysics, glaciology and atmospheric sciences.
  4. Need to collect bathymetric and other geophysical data on the way to and from Antarctica and in transit in order to share the data with all nations to improve the Southern Ocean bathymetry map and geophysical dataset for everybody’s use.
  5. Support to Chile to organize ISAES2025.
  6. Approve a budget of $49.000 for 2023 and 2024 and reallocate the unexpended budget of the groups due to the pandemic setting in order to continue their activities.
  7. Support to the elected GSG steering committee (Jesús Galindo-Zaldivar, chief officer; Naresh C. Pant, deputy chief officer; Laura De Santis, secretary) and acknowledge M. Leppe (former secretary, who has not applied for re-election).